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My name is Zuzanna!


I invite you to explore my site to get a better understanding of my specialities, techniques and professional experience. What you’ll find here is a combination of commissioned work, as well as some personal passion projects of my own. Enjoy browsing, and get in touch with any questions.

My motto? Work with passion! I’m a graphic designer, web designer and marketing professional from Dundalk, Co. Louth in Ireland. I have over 13 years of experience in sales and customer service. I'm a hardworking and creative person who constantly seeks self-improvement and personal development. 


Got a solid product? I can help you build your brand from scratch and stand out from the competition. Together we can find your target audience and find the best way to reach it.

zuzanna piskorowska graphic designer

My vision

To bring inspiration and creativity to every business, everywhere, everyday.

My mission

To help businesses reach their full potential through exceptional services, creativity, passion and complete marketing solutions.

My values

To put the customer first

To improve every day

To deliver excellence

To achieve results

To respect everyone

To create with passion

zuzanna piskorowska marketing specialist
zuzanna piskorowska web designer

/my skills

Throughout my career in design, I’ve developed a number of skills that help me excel in how I serve my clients. Take a look at my resume and get in touch for more details or to see how we can work together.

vector graphic

/my certs

I’m a professional Visual Designer & Certified Digital Marketing Professional with extensive skills and experience. Throughout my career in design, I’ve developed a number of certifications that prove my abilities. 

marketing certification

/about Brand Loud

Brand Loud means standing out from the competition. I want to help you build a brand that is loud and noticeable in the sea of competitors. The idea was born in 2018. I wanted to create a place that would provide affordable complex marketing solutions for every business in Ireland. 

I aim to provide exceptional service with minimum waiting time and competitive prices. 

My services Graphic design Ireland Web design Ireland Logo design Ireland Branding Ireland Digital marketing Ireland Social media marketing Ireland SEO Ireland

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