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Refund Policy

We will make everything that's in our power to make a customer happy. We will provide multiple revisions and changes to the project until the customer is satisfied. All our projects and designs are custom made. If for some reason the customer needs to hold the project we can postpone the realisation until the customer is ready.

If you are still not satisfied or need to cancel, please contact us by email.

All refund requests will be fulfilled as per the following arrangement:

- If the request for a refund is made within 24h, you would be eligible for a Full Refund (less 10% service & processing fee).

- If the request for a refund is made after 24h and the designer already started working on the project, you would be eligible for a 60% refund.

- There will be no refunds after the initial project approval. Initial project approval is equal to the customer being satisfied with the service.

- There will be no refunds if the customer will not communicate with us within 30 days following the submission of the order.

The customer is entitled to request up to 3 free small changes in the final project within 30 days of receiving the completed project. After 30 days the customer will need to pay for all changes. Small changes include changing colour, changing the font, changing logo proportions or requesting extra image sizes.

Once the refund is processed, your design rights would be obtained by Brand Loud and you would not be able to display any version of the design sent by the company.

Brand Loud will take all appropriate precautions to safeguard its servers and data contained within; however Brand Loud will only keep your project files stored for 6 months. The client will not be entitled to any form of compensation from Brand Loud in the event of loss of data; therefore it is recommended that the client also takes steps to back up their design materials. 

Any idea provided by the client: sketch, copy, file, etc. that Brand Loud is asked to use in the design process removes its responsibility from any copyright violation or warranties. In such circumstances, Brand Loud cannot guarantee the originality of its work and therefore will not be held liable for any damages or violations. If customer's materials clearly violate any copyrights, Brand Loud has a right to refuse the service.