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Updated: Feb 23

Do you wonder if your business needs a logo design? Or is investing in a professionally made one worth it? The answer to both is YES. In this blog, I will explain why.

Visual Memory

Visual information travels to the brain 60000 times faster than text and over 80% of all the information that our brains are processing is visual.

A simple image can explain a situation much faster than a description of this image.

In research carried out by Promotique, 36% of surveyed people agree that the logo helps them remember the brand.

Why your business needs a professional logo design Ireland
Visual memory

First impression

Do you know the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover"? Unfortunately, most of us do. In this case, your business is a book, and your logo is the cover.

You have less than 1 second to make a good impression. Statistical data shows that 69% of Americans form a first impression of somebody before they even speak.

According to Promotique surveys, 60% of people usually avoid companies with weird or unattractive logos, even if the business has good reviews!

Besides name and colour, 30% of interviewed people agree that a logo is the first thing they notice about a company. 75% of respondents believe the “look and feel” of a logo can decide about company’s chances of success.

Why your business needs a professional logo design Ireland
First impression


A logo is a symbol that customers use to remember your brand. Ideally, you’ll want people to instantly make a connection between your logo and the memory of what your company does and how it makes them feel.

According to surveys, 50% of people are likely to use a company whose logo is easy to recognize.