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logo design trends in 2022

Every year trends in logo design change. Why is that? Partly because of new technologies in graphic design, and partly because of social media influence. Some styles come back every few years, and some are simply timeless.

We've created this list based on observation of social media and types of business logos posted both by designers and brands.

Timeless black in geometrical letter mark form

First on our list is a letter mark logo design, also known as a monogram. This year it takes different geometrical forms. Their common characteristics are prolonged letters and structures closed in geometrical shapes.

They can come in different colours, but classic black seems to be in fashion this year. It gives the impression of simplicity and power to your brand image.

Letter mark logo design Ireland
Geometrical letter mark logo

Colourful gradient logo mark

The second on our list is a gradient logo. Vivid and colourful logo marks, often in a simple form. They stand out on both light and dark backgrounds.

They give the impression of creativity and youthfulness.

Gradient logo mark logo design Ireland
Gradient logo mark

Negative space logo design

Negative space is the blank or empty space left around an illustrated object that helps define it. A popular trend used by graphic creators is to use that blank space as part of logo design.

This type of logo highlights your creativity and makes your brand more memorable.

Negative space logo design Ireland
Negative space logo design


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