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Updated: Mar 14

Professional Business logo design

In today's world, every business needs a logo design. This blog explains eight rules that you need to follow while getting a business mark design. And if you are still unsure if you need a professional business logo design, you can find your answer here.

Simple Logo Design

When you look at the most popular brands like Nike, Apple, McDonald's or Facebook, you will notice that what makes them stand out and easy to remember it's their simplicity. When you close your eyes and think about these brands, you instantly see their logos in your mind.

Now try the same with Starbucks or Porshe. Everyone knows those companies, but can you describe their logos in detail? I doubt that.

Logo design ireland
Advantage of a simple logo

A complex design can look cool and unique, but when you decrease the size of an image, all details get lost.

A business logo that fits your industry

While you may choose an abstract logo that doesn't mean anything, you should avoid using a contradictory concept. Flower design may not necessarily work for the electronic industry, nor a retro logo for a modern business.

Logo designer Ireland
A logo that fits your business

Stand out from the competition

You want to make your logo as unique as possible. And while it may be hard sometimes, you want to make sure that your logo doesn't look similar to your competition. It could cause confusion and customers' wrong assumptions that both companies belong to the same family.

And while it's crucial to make your logo relevant to your industry, you want to avoid another coffee shop with a coffee bean logo or another pharmacy with a cross.

Unique Logo Design
Unique Logo Design

And while it sounds obvious, big brands make those mistakes as well. Look at logos of brands like Bentley, Mini or Aston Martin. They seem very much alike and belong to the same industry.

The right colours for your business

Colours have a significant impact on psychology. They can impact human behaviour. By choosing the proper shade, you can influence people into choosing your brand.

Different colours send different messages. For example, black is a colour of power, elegance and sophistication, but at the same time, people associate it with depression and danger.