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Updated: Mar 14

Brand Identity, Logo Design colours

Colour psychology

Colours are everywhere and are part of human nature. From the early years of our life, we start collecting memories and feelings associated with colours. Our brain makes an instant connection between an object and its tint.

If you start listing random objects, your listeners will automatically see their colours in their minds. Green grass, white milk, blue sky, we see those every day. Our experience will decide how we feel about a specific shade. For example, you may start disliking green because it's the favourite colour of your ex-partner. Or you may suddenly begin to love orange because it reminds you of a great time you had on your holidays.

Logo design, brand identity colours

Social norms

People are social beings, and we often care what people may think about us. That's why you won't see people wearing red to a funeral or pink suits to a business meeting. Some colours don't belong to specific situations, even if we like them.

The same happens in business. Some colours don't fit your industry due to social norms and may affect how people feel about your brand.

Same colour, different shade

A single colour can have multiple meanings depending on the situation. Different shades of the same colour can cause different feelings as well.

Imagine you are an owner of an organic food shop, and you want to use brown for your logo. Brown is associated with natural and organic products. But on the other hand, it can bring images of rotten vegetables and mud. So the right shade is very important here.

Meaning of specific colours for Marketing

When choosing colours for your brand it's good to check what the potential meaning behind the shade is. This may influence how people feel about your brand and persuade them to do business with you. Colour has a big impact on the first impression. One look at your logo design and they will know if they like your brand. Here I will list some of the main colours and feelings and associations they represent.

Black as brand colour

Black colour represents:

  • Elegance

  • Luxury

  • Timeless

  • Grief

  • Expensive

  • Sophistication

Brand Identity - Black as Brand Colour
Brand Identity - Black as Brand Colour