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RRtrans - branding design, web design, merchandise design

Project type

branding design, web design, merchandise design



RRtrans is an International Transport and Forwarding Company specialising in truck transport within the EU. They are a dynamically developing team of young and experienced dispatchers and drivers.
RRtrans takes pride in its fleet consisting only of new vehicles and usage of the latest technologies.

They already had a logo design by different artist that they liked, but they wanted to make a complete rebranding and get a new website design. The company wanted new image to be modern, bold and eye catching. We decided on the simplicity of form and consistent look across all the media.

RRtrans wanted a modern-looking website that mirrors company values:

Excellence and Expertise
Team work and Collaboration
Reliability and Transparency

Website Animation
The goal of the animation was to communicate the company's mission:

To offer world-class transport solutions
To deliver a positive, reliable experience to each and every one of our clients
To embrace world markets whilst maintaining a strong connection with our Polish background

RRtrans wanted its image to be consistent across all media and communication including print and paint on its trucks.

Branded clothing
To RRtrans comfort of their staff is very important, and they wanted to make sure that each of their workers feels like part of the team. Branded clothing also helped to promote their business no matter where they went.

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